What is a quantity surveyor?

Do I need to engage a Quantity Surveyor, why not an Accountant? After all, it is depreciation that is being assessed for on my rental property. A quantity surveyor is a tertiary qualified professional that is degree qualified in the Science of Construction. They are Building Economists in that our specialty is independently identifying

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Are you getting the most out of your property? – Dialogue with Simone Homes

Tuan Duong Principal at Duo Tax recently caught up with project builder Daniel Simone from Simone Homes based in Sydney. Below is his insight on how to make the most out of various new-build type properties on a block of land. Everyone wants to get more out of what they already have. So as an

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How A Capital Gains Report Might Benefit You!

Before we can begin to look into obtaining a Capital Gains Report, it is first necessary to understand what are Capital Gains (CG). Put simply, capital is the funding for us to build wealth, either as money or another form of financial asset. Capital Gains is the profit you make on the selling of assets which

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