January 16 2018 0comment
Capital Gains Report

How A Capital Gains Report Might Benefit You!

Before we can begin to look into obtaining a Capital Gains Report, it is first necessary to understand what are Capital Gains (CG). Put simply, capital is the funding for us to build wealth, either as money or another form of financial asset. Capital Gains is the profit you make on the selling of assets which […]

November 17 2017 0comment
Gearing versus cash-flow on an investment property

Gearing versus Cash-flow. What’s the difference?

Gearing versus cash-flow on an investment property. What is the difference? We’ve mentioned previously the differences between negative and positive gearing. We also delved into the tools available to boost cash-flow to improve this gearing position i.e. loan structures to minimise interest rates and reduce those interest repayments. Crucially important for the avid investor, is […]

November 17 2017 0comment
cash-flow, negative & positive gearing

Tax depreciation’s impact on cash-flow, negative and positive gearing

As we move into the space of property investing, it’s very important to understand the dollars and cents of your investments – the gearing position. It gives you a real snapshot of the true financial make-up of your hard-earned dollars and whether those hard-earned dollars are working for you. After all, that is why we all decide […]