Purchasing an existing dwelling versus a brand-new investment property

Although depreciation is never the primary reason why you buy property, it certainly has quite a bearing on the cash flow of your property that you cannot overlook. There are many considerations that must be made when you are deciding whether to purchase an existing property or a brand-new property for investment purposes.  As

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Capitalising on commercial tax depreciation

Along with residential houses, tax depreciation can also be claimed through commercial properties. As a landlord or tenant, you are eligible to claim depreciation on commercial properties. Landlords are given the ability to claim capital works deductions as well as previously installed plant and equipment. Tenants can deduct the plant and equipment that was

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Amending Tax Returns to Capture Depreciation on Previous Years

As an investor, you may have recently come to terms with depreciation and may have been unaware that you were entitled to claim deductions on your rental property. You may have thought your property was too old when it actually qualifies for depreciation – act now before it's too late! Besides the ATO allowing

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Depreciation on renovations – what are substantial renovations and do I qualify?

As a result of the recent changes from the Federal Budget 2017, claiming depreciation on renovated properties has vastly changed. Prior to the recent law changes, landlords were entitled to claim depreciation on pre-existing plant and equipment and any renovations that were carried out by the previous owner. As the new legislation has passed,

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Capital works deduction and depreciation – how will it affect you?

With legislative changes well sunken into the property market, it is important to visit the pattern as an investor moving into future years. Legislative changes imposed on the 9th of May 2017, no longer allows property investors to claim what is known as Division 40 depreciable assets on previously used assets for residential properties.

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Tax Depreciation Legislation Changes – Recap on the year that’s past

A recap of the year that's past with changes to Plant and Equipment Depreciation As we approach the end of financial year for 2018, Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors look back to see the impact and reach of legislation. In summary, most investors we come across have no idea about the changes. The change can

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