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Everything Property Investors Need to Know About The Federal Budget 2020 - 21

9 October 2020
Everything Property Investors Need to Know About The Federal Budget 2020 - 21

Property Investment & Construction Schemes Property investment in Australia is supported by government schemes such as HomeBuilder and First Home Loan Deposit. While the HomeBuilder scheme was not extended, ‘budget papers’ have stated that housing demand has increased as it’s supported by other housing policies and a low-interest environment. The HomeBuilder scheme allows cash grants […]

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6 October 2020
Is Stamp Duty Tax-Deductible?

Not sure if stamp duty is tax-deductible? You’re not alone. Many first-time investors find themselves asking this. It’s not surprising because stamp duty is the one acquisition expense that is likely to poke a significant, perhaps unexpected, hole in your budget. This article will equip you with all you need to know about stamp duty […]

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21 September 2020
How the Low Value Pool Deduction Can Help to Maximise Your Wealth and Deductions

The low value pool deduction is a clever strategy that lots of property investors don’t realise they can take advantage of come tax time. So what can you do to make sure that you can keep more money in your pocket? Well, using low value pool deductions, you can depreciate the value of your assets […]

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14 September 2020
The Ultimate Guide on Investment Property Tax Deductions – 20 Rental Deductions to Claim

Knowing about your investment property tax deductions will undoubtedly boost your tax return. However, many investors miss out on expense claims because they aren’t equipped with the knowledge presented by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Seeing the full potential of all the tax breaks available to you could be the difference between you hoping to […]

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7 September 2020
The Capital Gains Tax Property 6 Year Rule: 1 Simple Rule to Avoid CGT

Knowing the capital gains tax property 6 year rule saves property investors thousands of dollars. Yet first-year investors are often caught off-guard by this. Being aware of the capital gains tax (CGT) consequences before renting out an investment property could save you more than a pretty penny. This article will arm you with the knowledge […]

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17 August 2020
How to Claim Airbnb Tax Deductions on your Rental Property

Airbnb tax deductions and the interpretation of how taxation laws revolve around using your property for Airbnb cause a lot of confusion to say the least. Not only are investors keen to find out what they can claim, but they also need to understand how much they can claim as well as what the implications […]

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23 July 2020
Prime Cost vs Diminishing Value Depreciation Method – Which is Better?

You’ve just settled on a brand new property, and you know you can take advantage of tax depreciation using one of two depreciation methods – prime cost or diminishing value. But how does each depreciation method work? And which is better? The best way to interpret this is to see it visually below based on […]

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14 July 2020
Commercial Property Depreciation Case Study – Industrial Warehouse

Owners and operators of commercial property such as industrial warehouses or manufacturing sites are eligible to claim commercial property depreciation, which includes both capital works and plant & equipment. The term ‘depreciation’ refers to the tax deduction available to the owner or operator of an income-producing property. The gradual depreciation of the building, otherwise known […]

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22 May 2020
End of Financial Year 2020

As property investors, there are a myriad of documents required at the end of the financial year to maximise your cash flow from a tax perspective. Depreciation is the second largest property expense after interest charged by lenders and can translate to a substantial gearing advantage for the life of the property. Thus, it is […]

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8 May 2020
Investment Property Tax Depreciation: 2 Crucial Things to Consider Before Living In Your New Property

There are key things to consider when we're talking about investment property tax depreciation. When you buy a new property and you're considering whether to live in it or to rent it out as a rental property, you should understand the implications on tax deductions as this can have an effect on what you can […]

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