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What is Division 43?

18 September 2017
What is Division 43?

Division 43 is the category which addresses the building write-off component of your property. The historical construction costs include fees for preliminary items such as design fees, engineering and building approval costs.  Where actual costs are not known, a quantity surveyor has estimated this amount by determining the appropriate costs for the building/structural improvement of the […]

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14 September 2017
What is Division 40?

Division 40 is the category which covers assets that are easily removable from a building rather than attached or fixed. These include appliances and furnishings. Each item of plant or equipment within your property has an effective life measured in number of years. The effective life is determined by the tax commissioner under the latest […]

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7 August 2017
What is a Quantity Surveyor Report? Why Quantity Surveyors Can Turbocharge Your Tax Deductions

Frequently we are asked the question, why should I get a Quantity Surveyor to assist me with assessing depreciation on my investment property when it seems like a matter that an accountant can figure out? A quantity surveyor is a tertiary qualified professional that is degree qualified in the Science of Construction. This person as […]

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27 April 2017
How depreciating or writing off older equipment and building assets works

I’ve just purchased a very run-down property and it needs a new kitchen & bathroom. Should I purchase a depreciation report? If so, how can a depreciation report help me with writing off older equipment? With any existing kitchen and bathroom, although that may seem quite old, there may indeed be some residual value in […]

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28 February 2016
Old rental properties and how you can benefit as an investor

My rental property was built in the 50’s. Can I still claim depreciation? Yes. In fact, with older properties the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows appliances such as stove tops and ovens to depreciate much faster. After including a host of other old items such as blinds and carpets, you are looking at $4000 to $5000 […]

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