1 December 2020
The Small Business Pool: 4 Essential Things Every Business Owner Should Know

The small business pool deduction rule is a smart strategy that many small businesses should take advantage of, come tax time.  By using the small business pool simplified depreciation rule, business owners can depreciate the value of their assets at an accelerated rate.  So instead of depreciating your assets per the ATO’s prescribed effective life, […]

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23 November 2020
The Ultimate SMSF Property Buying Guide

The decision to purchase an SMSF property requires careful consideration.  This is perhaps why, in June 2019, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) reported that of the total estimated value of assets held by the almost 600,000 SMSFs, investment property only makes up about 13%.  Nonetheless, there seems to be increasing popularity in using an SMSF […]

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10 November 2020
The Ultimate Guide on Effective Life of Depreciating Assets in Property

You’ve just purchased your first investment property and are looking for ways in which you could reduce your taxable income through tax depreciation. One of the ways in which you can maximise the tax deductions on your investment property is through assessing the effective life of your assets. How do you assess the effective life […]

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4 November 2020
The Essential Guide to a Capital Works Deduction (Division 43)

As a first-time property investor, I’m sure you’ve heard that tax depreciation deductions are typically one of the largest tax deductions you can claim as a property investor in Australia. But it can be quite overwhelming navigating through the different claimable tax depreciation deductions. For example, you may know that there are two different depreciation […]

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27 October 2020
6 Property Investment Strategies Every Investor Should Know

Deciding on the best property investment strategies for you can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a first-time property investor. But give yourself credit! You’ve already accomplished a big part of the daunting task - making the actual decision to invest in the property market. If you can take one bold step towards a […]

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20 October 2020
3 Strategies on How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Investment Property

Discovering how to avoid capital gains tax when selling your investment property can save you thousands of dollars. Yet so many first-time property investors continue to be overwhelmed at the thought of potentially paying capital gains tax on the hard-earned growth of their investment. But don’t be discouraged, we have some good news for all […]

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13 October 2020
What Are The Tax Consequences When Your Rental Property Becomes Main Residence?

You’re thinking about having your rental property become your main residence. But you aren’t sure if the decision comes with any tax consequences. Will the move affect the tax deductions you claim? Is it possible to turn my rental property into my main residence and still rent a part of it out? Will you still […]

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9 October 2020
Everything Property Investors Need to Know About The Federal Budget 2020 - 21

Property Investment & Construction Schemes Property investment in Australia is supported by government schemes such as HomeBuilder and First Home Loan Deposit. While the HomeBuilder scheme was not extended, ‘budget papers’ have stated that housing demand has increased as it’s supported by other housing policies and a low-interest environment. The HomeBuilder scheme allows cash grants […]

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6 October 2020
Is Stamp Duty Tax-Deductible?

Not sure if stamp duty is tax-deductible? You’re not alone. Many first-time investors find themselves asking this. It’s not surprising because stamp duty is the one acquisition expense that is likely to poke a significant, perhaps unexpected, hole in your budget. This article will equip you with all you need to know about stamp duty […]

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21 September 2020
How the Low Value Pool Deduction Can Help to Maximise Your Wealth and Deductions

The low value pool deduction is a clever strategy that lots of property investors don’t realise they can take advantage of come tax time. So what can you do to make sure that you can keep more money in your pocket? Well, using low value pool deductions, you can depreciate the value of your assets […]

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