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The Ultimate Small Business Depreciation Guide

7 December 2020
The Ultimate Small Business Depreciation Guide

One of the ways in which you can maximise the tax deductions for your small business is through the simplified small business depreciation rules offered by the Australian Tax Office.  But what is small business depreciation?  How do you know if you qualify? And how is the Australian Government helping small businesses through the economic […]

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14 July 2020
Commercial Property Depreciation Case Study – Industrial Warehouse

Owners and operators of commercial property such as industrial warehouses or manufacturing sites are eligible to claim commercial property depreciation, which includes both capital works and plant & equipment. The term ‘depreciation’ refers to the tax deduction available to the owner or operator of an income-producing property. The gradual depreciation of the building, otherwise known […]

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19 March 2019
Capitalising on commercial tax depreciation

Along with residential houses, tax depreciation can also be claimed through commercial properties. As a landlord or tenant, you are eligible to claim depreciation on commercial properties. Landlords are given the ability to claim capital works deductions as well as previously installed plant and equipment. Tenants can deduct the plant and equipment that was fitted […]

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