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Everything You Need to Know About Kerbside Valuations

23 April 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Kerbside Valuations

Property valuations play an important part in the loan application process for your investment property. Especially kerbside valuations.  Why? Because property valuations can help you make the right financial decisions regarding buying, selling or renovating your investment property.  Are you needing to have your property valued for something but have no idea where to start […]

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22 April 2021
The Essential Retrospective Valuation Property Guide

If you’re selling your home or acquired property through inheritance, you’ll need to obtain a retrospective valuation property report.  Yet, so many property investors and property owners are unaware that you need to know the current value of your property and the value on the day you acquired it.  A retrospective property valuation provides an […]

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21 April 2021
The Ultimate Guide on Property Valuations

Property valuations are an essential part of the buying and selling process.  Whether you’re in the market to buy a property or whether you’re looking to sell your current home, having a broad idea of the property’s value will help you establish:  what you should be prepared to spend on the new property; or  how […]

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19 April 2021
Capital Gains Tax Property Valuation: Why Every Investor Needs One

A capital gains tax property valuation is required by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to calculate the capital gain you may have made on the sale of your investment property.  Valuations are required for several tax reasons. For capital gains tax purposes, a valuation is used to set the cost base. While it is an […]

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14 April 2021
What are Stamp Duty Valuations?

Paying stamp duty is an inevitable part of buying an investment property, and it may also be necessary to obtain stamp duty valuations.  While stamp duty valuations aren’t compulsory in every property transfer circumstance, it’s worth noting when you may need to have a Property Valuer conduct a property valuation.  So, we thought we’d introduce […]

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8 April 2021
The Tax Depreciation Guide to Duplex Houses

A duplex house is among the most common dual-income investments in Australia.  This is mostly because duplex houses have become one of the most popular ways to deal with housing affordability across the major cities.  They take up the same amount of land as a single home, but they are subdivided to support two homes.  […]

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7 April 2021
The Tax Depreciation Guide to Granny Flats

With property prices rising, it’s easy to understand why investing in granny flats has become a popular investment strategy.  In 2018, around 6000 granny flats were built in New South Wales alone. The increase in popularity of granny flats can also be credited to state-level legislative changes to improve housing affordability in capital city areas.   […]

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26 February 2021
How Scrap Value Helps You Save on Your Investment Property

If you are looking to renovate your investment property, you will want to consider assessing the scrap value of any assets you plan on demolishing or throwing away.  Did you know that assets that are going to be thrown away or “scrapped” can be claimed for 100% of their current value as a loss?  What’s […]

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25 February 2021
The Pros and Cons of a Dual Key Homes Investment Strategy

Have you heard of dual key homes? Depending on what you had in mind for your property investment, you’ll need to decide on an investment strategy.  Deciding on a property investment strategy can be a daunting task, but an excellent place to start is considering all your options.  With dual key homes being a relatively […]

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25 January 2021
The Investment Property Tax Guide & How to Save on Property Tax

As a property investor, there are several investment property taxes that you need to be aware of.  While the Australian Tax Office (ATO) affords investors various tax deduction benefits, paying investment property tax is an inevitable component of owning an investment property.  For example, investors are required to pay tax on any income they receive […]

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