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Duo Tax Depreciation Schedule - What You Need to Know

15 December 2020
Duo Tax Depreciation Schedule - What You Need to Know

Did you know that 70% of investors in Australia don't buy a tax depreciation schedule for their investment properties?  Depreciation schedules are one of the most effective but underused tools available to a property investor to maximise their returns.  When you think about the fact that depreciation is the second-highest tax deduction on your property […]

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17 August 2020
How to Claim Airbnb Tax Deductions on your Rental Property

Airbnb tax deductions and the interpretation of how taxation laws revolve around using your property for Airbnb cause a lot of confusion to say the least. Not only are investors keen to find out what they can claim, but they also need to understand how much they can claim as well as what the implications […]

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23 July 2020
Prime Cost vs Diminishing Value Depreciation Method – Which is Better?

You’ve just settled on a brand new property, and you know you can take advantage of tax depreciation using one of two depreciation methods – prime cost or diminishing value. But how does each depreciation method work? And which is better? The best way to interpret this is to see it visually below based on […]

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8 May 2020
Investment Property Tax Depreciation: 2 Crucial Things to Consider Before Living In Your New Property

There are key things to consider when we're talking about investment property tax depreciation. When you buy a new property and you're considering whether to live in it or to rent it out as a rental property, you should understand the implications on tax deductions as this can have an effect on what you can […]

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13 August 2019
Division 40 vs. Division 43 - How to Maximise Your Tax Depreciation

When it comes to claiming depreciation on your rental properties, there are two factors that will be accounted for in a report. These are Division 40 (Plant and equipment) and Division 43 (Capital works). Division 40 – Plant and equipment What is Division 40 plant and equipment? Plant and equipment refer to items that are […]

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