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What are Stamp Duty Valuations?

14 April 2021
What are Stamp Duty Valuations?

Paying stamp duty is an inevitable part of buying an investment property, and it may also be necessary to obtain stamp duty valuations.  While stamp duty valuations aren’t compulsory in every property transfer circumstance, it’s worth noting when you may need to have a Property Valuer conduct a property valuation.  So, we thought we’d introduce […]

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8 April 2021
The Tax Depreciation Guide to Duplex Houses

A duplex house is among the most common dual-income investments in Australia.  This is mostly because duplex houses have become one of the most popular ways to deal with housing affordability across the major cities.  They take up the same amount of land as a single home, but they are subdivided to support two homes.  […]

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21 September 2020
How the Low Value Pool Deduction Can Help to Maximise Your Wealth and Deductions

The low value pool deduction is a clever strategy that lots of property investors don’t realise they can take advantage of come tax time. So what can you do to make sure that you can keep more money in your pocket? Well, using low value pool deductions, you can depreciate the value of your assets […]

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22 May 2020
End of Financial Year 2020

As property investors, there are a myriad of documents required at the end of the financial year to maximise your cash flow from a tax perspective. Depreciation is the second largest property expense after interest charged by lenders and can translate to a substantial gearing advantage for the life of the property. Thus, it is […]

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11 February 2020
Improvements, Repairs and Maintenance: The Complete Guide On Claiming on Your Investment Property

Improvements, repairs and maintenance. All sound similar but are treated differently by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). When you buy an investment property, particularly a second-hand property, you’ll quickly find out that there are all sorts of costs that you’ll incur when renting out your investment property. In general, first-time investors who aren't equipped with […]

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18 February 2019
Amending Tax Returns to Capture Depreciation on Previous Years

As an investor, you may have recently come to terms with depreciation and may have been unaware that you were entitled to claim deductions on your rental property. You may have thought your property was too old when it actually qualifies for depreciation – act now before it's too late! Besides the ATO allowing you […]

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10 May 2018
Tax Depreciation Legislation Changes - Recap on the year that's past

A recap of the year that's past with changes to Plant and Equipment Depreciation As we approach the end of financial year for 2018, Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors look back to see the impact and reach of legislation. In summary, most investors we come across have no idea about the changes. The change can result […]

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