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With over 10 years of shared experience, Duo Tax provide a wide range of Quantity Surveying services.
We can assist you with your:

Council Report

A Cost Summary Report must be provided to council under the Section 7.11 (Section 94a) of the Development Application (DA) or for the application of a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

Bank Report

It is becoming more common that banks and other financial institutions request that Developers provide a Quantity Surveyor’s Initial Cost Report to be submitted with the loan application.

Cost Plan

A professional, accurate and detailed cost plan (aka cost estimate) will provide the client with an early indication of the cost of the project, additionally being a comparison tool which can be compared with the contractors tenders to provide a better overall solution for the client.

Insurance Replacement Valuation

An Insurance Replacement Valuation is a report which assess the accurate replacement cost of a building in an event that would cause any loss or damage to the property.

Our specialists use their skills to calculate the cost of construction throughout all stages of a project. We work alongside other professionals such as financiers, architects, builders, accountants, insurance underwriters, council, solicitors, and developers to bring the best possible outcome.

What do Quantity Surveyors do?

We read and interpret your project’s construction documentation and provide expert knowledge on cost advice. This can include measuring architectural drawings, site inspections and assessing drawings, photographs, and design specifications.