At Duo Tax Cost Consultants, we can provide a full system of cost estimating and cost planning to control expenditure and to provide the client better value-for-money in both design & construction. Our aim to keep the project costs within the agreed budget. We will prepare an initial budget cost which is established by reference to cost data from a range of our previous project to maintain accurate and consistent estimates.

Our cost plan is more than a spreadsheet of cost estimates, it is an active tool to manage project costs through all project stages. In providing budget estimating and cost planning for our clients several benefits can be achieved:

  • Preparation of elemental Cost Plans based on architectural drawings
  • Detailed Cost Plan based on architectural drawings and schedule of finishes, design development and tender contracts documents
  • Considerations and accountability of building quality and performance
  • Budget and value accountability assessments
  • Cost-effectiveness with a value for money design to be achieved
  • The amount set during the pre-tender analysis by the architect and quantity surveyor with early identification of high-cost elements and decision making for costs
  • Cost planning analysis using a basis by comparing different projects

Effectively cost planning helps achieve a realistic estimate once a figure is agreed upon between the parties with consideration of everything that follows up is in accordance from the successful contractor’s tender to the final project cost. Our Quantity Surveyors constant monitoring on your project means that the risk of overspending can be seen at an early stage with prompt action taken.

Cost Plan Reports

Apart from providing a full system of budget estimating and cost planning, as quantity surveyors we can assist the architect by evaluating comparative costs for alternative systems of construction and finishes. As quantity surveyors we can also advise on the total cost implications and methods of construction.

Duo Tax cost planning and estimating services are presented in report form and are based on detailed measurement and pricing from the available project documentation in conjunction with our experience on a range of Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Health Care and Government projects. Our reports highlight key quantities and areas with specific inclusions and exclusions. Factoring in certain benchmark indicators contingency and cost escalation provisions and assumptions.

Our cost plan reports can either be in elemental or trade format using industry standard software (Cubit Estimating) and follow the best practice guidelines from the Australian Standard Method of Measurement.

Duo Tax Quantity Surveying Cost Consultants can help identify:

  • Risks
  • Provide sustainable advice
  • Assist with the construction contract review process and assessments
  • Follow up with cost management extending throughout the projects planning, development and construction

A professional, accurate and detailed cost plan will provide the client with an early indication of the cost of the project, additionally being a comparison tool which can be compared with the contractors tenders to provide a better overall solution for the client. By having a cost plan, it provides a better value for money and cost saving value for your project.

What is a Cost Planner?

A cost planner is focused on the overall budget and does not draw down into detail but rather a historical cost analysis. A Quantity surveyor/Cost Planner is normally not worried about the price but is more of a consultant analysing the bill of quantities and then establishing the figures into a cost plan to guide the design process. They also deal and coordinate with the architect and builder to draw down into the detail of the design. Then advise of budget tracking while also keeping the client happy.

Duo Tax Cost Consultants provide clients with a professional and reliable cost plan with impeccable service tailored to meet the client’s requirements and project at hand. Our cost plans provide detailed costings which factors items into consideration such as preliminaries, construction costs, overheads, and profit. We also assess construction risks contingencies, tenders, and any other items relevant to that project.

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