2 10, 2020

What are the methods of depreciation? diminishing value vs prime cost

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Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors provides both methods of depreciation in our tax depreciation schedules (where applicable). These are: Diminishing Value Prime Cost These methods use different calculations to determine how quickly the items in the property are depreciating. You are free to use either method but you are unable to switch between the two

2 10, 2020

Why can’t my accountant prepare my depreciation schedule?

By |2020-10-15T13:10:25+11:00October 2nd, 2020|

Quantity Surveyors are considered economists of the building sector. As accountants are unable to determine the cost of construction, it is then left up to the quantity surveyor to provide these estimates of cost. Naturally then, they are in the best position and are trusted to provide reports. These reports are accepted by Quantity

2 10, 2020

Do I need a new tax depreciation schedule every year?

By |2020-10-15T13:11:00+11:00October 2nd, 2020|

Fortunately not, our tax depreciation schedules will last the full 40 years of depreciation (where applicable). So, you only need to purchase one for each investment property you own. We make sure to capture all the depreciation available to you. If you have lost your schedule, email us and we can send you another copy.

2 10, 2020

Why Choose Duo Tax?

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Value A single schedule provides 40 years of claim or the maximum entitled years. You're guaranteed at least double our fee in depreciation in the first full financial year. We'll even retrospectively help you claim on previous years you missed out on. Experience We're Australia's most reviewed

28 09, 2020

What are the 9th May 2017 budget changes to tax depreciation?

By |2020-10-15T13:11:14+11:00September 28th, 2020|

The Federal Government legislated new laws for properties purchased after the 9th of May 2017 that ultimately affect depreciation claiming for second-hand plant & equipment (division 40).* Brand new properties rented immediately are not affected. The plant & equipment in a property must now be brand new and never used before (and the property rented

28 09, 2020

Can I claim renovations by the previous owner?

By |2020-10-15T13:11:21+11:00September 28th, 2020|

The capital works (division 43) renovations completed by previous owners are claimable if they were completed after 27th of February 1992. As for plant & equipment (division 40), these items are only claimable if you purchased the property before the 9th of May 2017. If you purchased after this date, they are considered second-hand and