Why can’t my accountant prepare my depreciation schedule?

Quantity Surveyors are considered economists of the building sector. As accountants are unable to determine the cost of construction, it is then left up to the quantity surveyor to provide these estimates of cost. Naturally then, they are in the best position and are trusted to provide reports. These reports are accepted by Quantity Surveyors whom are Registered Tax Agents with the Tax Practitioner’s Board.

As an example, a square metre of concrete slab may cost $100 in today’s market. A quantity surveyor would derive the square metre depreciation rate based on an understanding of costs that includes excavation of the area, provision of sand underlay, termite protection and concretor fees to finish the concrete.

The difference in the quality of a Quantity Surveyor is in the detail that they go through to get it tack sharp to claim as much of a deduction as legally possible – something that Duo Tax exceeds in. Our knowledge is extended across the country using the most up to date sources to reflect the variances in rates for the cost of supply and even labour.

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