Ep.06 Maximising Design & Cost Efficiency in Home Construction ft. Gilbert Sayegh & Elie Sleiman | The Property Blueprint Podcast

Ep.06 Maximising Design & Cost Efficiency in Home Construction ft. Gilbert Sayegh & Elie Sleiman | Property Blueprint Podcast

Tuan Duong

The Property Blueprint Episode 6: Maximising Design & Cost Efficiency in Home Construction

Welcome back to The Property Blueprint Podcast! Last week, we delved into the world of insurance with Thong Ho from Duo Insurance, exploring the vital aspects of landlord and building insurance while debunking misconceptions about the insurance industry.

Now, get ready for another captivating instalment as we bring you two industry experts to share their invaluable insights on achieving cost-effective and well-designed buildings. Joining us in this episode are Gilbert Sayegh, Director of Perfect Square Design, and Elie Sleiman, Director of ES Design.

Together, Gilbert and Elie will take you on a journey through the world of building design, emphasising the significance of space planning and shedding light on the shift in trends from traditional materials to more innovative and budget-friendly options.

Insights from The Property Blueprint Podcast

The Importance of Space Planning:

Gilbert and Elie kick off the conversation by emphasizing the significance of space planning in building design. They shed light on how thoughtful space utilization can optimize functionality and create a harmonious living environment while keeping costs in check.

Innovative Materials and Cost-Effectiveness:

As the world of architecture evolves, so do construction materials. Our guests discuss the shift from traditional options, like double brick, to more innovative and cost-effective alternatives. By exploring modern materials, listeners gain a glimpse into ways to achieve stunning results while staying within budget.

Complying Development Certificates (CDC) vs. Development Applications (DA):

Navigating the regulatory landscape is essential for any construction project. Gilbert and Elie demystify the differences between Complying Development Certificates (CDC) and Development Applications (DA), offering clarity on the paths available for streamlined and cost-effective approvals.

Cost-Effectiveness in Luxury Home Construction:

While luxury home construction can seem extravagant, our guests reveal smart strategies for cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Whether it’s choosing efficient building techniques or selecting materials that deliver on both aesthetics and budget, they provide valuable insights for aspiring luxury homeowners.

Selecting the Right Builder and Project Management Skills:

Efficient project management is the key to saving time and money during construction. Gilbert and Elie share tips on selecting the right builder with strong project management skills, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective building process.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:53 Gilbert and Elie’s Journey into the World of Building Design and Architecture
  • 02:57 Exploring Duplexes, Luxury Homes, CDC, and Council Regulations in Building Design
  • 04:43 CDC: A Hidden Gem in Approval Procedures You Should Know About
  • 07:24 Decoding Duplex Development: Tips for Investors in Researching CDC Compliance
  • 09:11 Check My Property: A Game-Changer for Developers and Builders Alike
  • 10:48 From Concept to Reality: The Crucial Role of Costing in Designing Homes for Clients
  • 13:32 Exploring Cost-Saving Strategies in Project Costing
  • 16:36 Are We Too Focused on “Instagrammable” Homes?
  • 17:38 Granny Flats: Trends, Challenges, and Prospects in Today’s Market
  • 19:35 Granny Flats vs. Duplexes in Council and CDC Processes
  • 20:09 Streamlining Planning Submissions: Exploring the Council’s Online Portal
  • 22:18 DEA vs. CDC
  • 23:31 Practical Tips for Cost-Conscious Luxury Home Construction
  • 25:50 Outro

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