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Looking for expert property valuation in Adelaide? Duo Tax delivers accurate, timely, and affordable property valuation services across the region.


As respected members of the Australian Property Institute and Certified Practising Valuers, our team combines an in-depth understanding of the local market with years of industry experience. 


We go beyond the numbers to provide comprehensive insights that empower our clients to make informed decisions. Our services cater to diverse needs, from capital gains tax valuation to pre-purchase property assessments. 


A certified property valuation is all about facilitating informed decisions, understanding market dynamics, predicting future trends, and leveraging opportunities. That’s where Duo Tax excels.

Our Approach to Property Valuation Adelaide Services

When it comes to Adelaide property valuations, Duo Tax rises above the competition throughout South Australia.

What makes us unique? Our team of professional valuers hold a deep understanding of local market intricacies, actively participating in it, not just observing from the sidelines. 

Our team boasts years of hands-on experience and an unmatched knowledge of Adelaide’s property landscape. We don’t just stop at data and statistics—we delve into the less tangible aspects contributing to a property’s value, providing thorough and nuanced insights to guide your decisions.

Capital Gains

One of our key areas of focus is capital gains valuation. We know that Adelaide property sales can trigger capital gains tax liabilities and that these obligations hinge on the value of your property. We're here to provide an accurate valuation, so you'll know what you're up against when tax season rolls around.
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Market Value

The importance of understanding your property's market value cannot be overstated, whether you're buying, selling, or investing. Our market valuation service provides an in-depth analysis of your property in relation to the present market, equipping you with the knowledge you need to navigate your decisions confidently.
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Stamp Duty

When property ownership transfer takes place, it often attracts stamp duty — a tax calculated on the property's value. Our valuers, Adelaide team and wider staff commit to offering precise valuations to keep you informed about your stamp duty obligations from the get-go.
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Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Valuations

As a buyer or seller, getting a certified property valuation report before a transaction is essential. This report gives you a clear perspective on the asset, aiding in negotiating a fair deal.
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Retrospective Valuations

There may be times when you need a valuation of a property as of a previous date. This could be for tax or legal purposes, or for a range of other reasons. Our retrospective valuation service gives an accurate valuation, grounding it in historical data and market conditions.
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Make Informed Insurance Decisions with a Property Valuation

Ensuring your property is adequately insured is crucial, but how do you know the right amount for your insurance coverage? 

This is where Duo Tax’s independent property valuation services for Adelaide come into play. Taking out either too much or too little home insurance can prove a costly mistake; hence, having a precise valuation is paramount. 

At Duo Tax, our adept valuers work diligently to provide a meticulous and accurate valuation of your property. Equipped with a deep understanding of Adelaide’s local property market, our team incorporates a myriad of factors into their assessment, including:

  • locality
  • property condition
  • market trends
  • and unique features of your property. 

By doing so, we offer you an unbiased valuation, ensuring you neither over-insure nor under-insure your property.

Our Process to Accurate Property Valuations in Adelaide

At Duo Tax, we have a meticulously crafted process to deliver the most accurate property valuation in Adelaide, and here’s how we do it: 

  1. Data Collection: The first step in our property valuation reports process is data collection. During this stage, we gather comprehensive information about the property in question from the client and other reliable sources. This includes details like the property’s age, size, the number of rooms, any unique features, recent renovations or improvements, and precise geographical location. We also validate ownership information and property records, including Land Title documents and building plans.
  2. Site Visit: Once we have all the necessary data, our certified property valuers conduct a thorough on-site evaluation. This allows us to inspect the property’s structure, utilities, maintenance records, and overall condition. Any issues such as structural damage could decrease the property’s value and are noted during this inspection.
  3. Market Research: Following the site visit, our team conducts extensive research on the current state of the Adelaide real estate market. We look at local market trends, and similar property values, and evaluate the neighbourhood’s quality and its accessibility to public amenities.
  4. Data Analysis: After collecting all the necessary information, it’s time to analyse the data from across the South Australia region. This includes comparing your property to similar ones on the market and considering the particular features of your property.
  5. Valuation Report: The last step in our valuation process is drafting an in-depth valuation report. This document provides a professional, unbiased opinion on the property’s fair market value in South Australia, informed by all the data we’ve collected and analysed. It offers insights into the property’s strengths and areas for improvement, potentially guiding future renovations or structural changes to enhance its worth. This information can help guide your decisions, whether you’re considering selling, buying, managing your tax obligations, or adjusting property-related insurance.

Get Your Valuation Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Duo Tax provides an accurate and professional capital gains valuation service to assist you in determining your tax obligations linked to your property assets. 

Property sales often result in capital gains tax liabilities, which are calculated based on the property’s value. 

Our experienced team not only provides a precise valuation of your property but also ensures that you’re well-prepared when it’s time to meet these tax obligations. This service helps clarify the uncertain financial aspect of property sales, offering you peace of mind.

A surveyor plays an integral role in the property valuation process. Their task begins with exhaustive data collection about the property, including verifying official records, assessing prior ownership, and examining crucial property documents. These investigations help to trace the property’s history and inform the valuation. 

Following this documentation phase, our surveyors perform a careful physical inspection of the property. This analysis covers a multitude of considerations, ranging from the property’s structural integrity and the state of its utilities to its age and the thoroughness of its maintenance. 

This review identifies any major obstacles that could impact the property’s value, such as structural damage or poor upkeep. 

Valuing a property before commencing renovations or alterations on its structure is vital for several reasons. 

Firstly, an initial valuation helps you establish a benchmark value for your property, offering key insights into your renovation budget and the potential financial viability of your proposed changes. 

An accurate property valuation takes several factors into account, including the location of your property, its overall condition, prevailing real estate trends in your area, and unique qualities of the property.

If you’re planning renovations or structural changes, a pre-renovation valuation report can guide you on the type of improvements that could add value to your property. For instance, arranging for a loft conversion, a kitchen extension, or altering an underused space like a garage could possibly increase your property’s worth. 

However, the added value might vary significantly based on the location and condition of the property, making it crucial to obtain a professional valuation. 

Lastly, if your property’s worth increases due to these improvements, it could impact your home insurance premiums and coverage.

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