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So, as a Property Developer, depreciation schedules can play a significant role in your sales pitch to potential investors because depreciation can increase the affordability of a project.

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Depreciation Estimates Can Help Sell Your Properties To Investors

A beautifully designed home is not necessarily on a property investor’s priority list when it comes to finding a profitable investment. Investors are much more interested in the bottom line and whether a property is financially viable than in whether the main bedroom has a walk-in closet.

One free tool that can help put potential buyers at ease is an estimate of depreciation for tax purposes.

Depreciation estimates are becoming increasingly popular among property developers looking for new ways to attract investors. It can help your project sell faster and improve its affordability for potential buyers by showing them how much they’ll save with depreciation on your property development.

Investors generally focus on numbers and if it’ll be a solid investment when considering potential developments. So, if you can show them how much they can save, they can assess their true after-tax cash flow position.

Our Depreciation Estimator

Duo Tax has designed a tax depreciation calculator to help property investors estimate what they could claim on tax depreciation before purchasing a tax depreciation schedule.

As a property developer, you can use the calculator to market to potential investors what they could save!

The depreciation calculator considers the following:

  • Property type,
  • How many bedrooms it has,
  • When construction was completed, and
  • Whether the property is purchased as brand new.

While investors can claim depreciation on older and newer properties, newly built properties offer far more attractive savings – use that to your advantage!

Based on that information, the calculator will give you a year one and year two depreciation estimation. Beyond that, the calculator will also estimate the investor’s potential tax refund for their first and second year of ownership.

This kind of information can be incredibly valuable when it comes to marketing your property!

Why Choose Duo Tax Depreciation Schedules?

We’re property investors for property investors.

We’ve assembled a team of tax depreciation experts to maximise tax-deductible claims on your client’s investment property.

We offer expertise by assessing tax depreciation for investment properties that are new, old, renovated, completely refurbished or for commercial fit-outs and producing ATO-compliant reports.

We have the knowledge to provide your clients with maximum tax deductions, and we have an abundance of resources that you can use to help guide your clients in expanding their property portfolios.

With our depreciation knowledge, your clients can save more money in taxes and protect themselves against audits by lodging an ATO-compliant schedule for the depreciation of their investment properties during tax return season.

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