Minimum of $2,500 tax deduction in the first full financial year

We don’t believe our clients should pay for something that doesn’t benefit them.

So what does our $2,500 tax deduction guarantee do for you?

See below for some scenarios that show how tax depreciation can help you benefit from a cash return even on a $30,000 pre-tax income.

Pre-Tax Income
and Tax Rate
Minimum Deduction
Cash Return*
Our Fee
After Tax
Net Cash
$30,000 – 20% $2,500 $500 $400 $400
$58,000 – 32% $2,500 $800 $340 $460
$90,000 – 37% $2,500 $925 $315 $610
*Negative gearing not taken into consideration
*This does not apply to property purchased after the 9th May, 2017

No cash – No fee!

If no cash is obtained after you complete your tax return, the report is issued to you free of charge as money is fully refunded to you. Subject to income earners greater than $37,000 with no negative gearing calculated.