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13 October 2021
Building Material Costs are Increasing - Should You Buy or Build?

There is no doubt that the construction industry is doing its best to maintain momentum through this period to support economic recovery.  However, the building sector, in general, is still experiencing a significant price increase in building materials, particularly when it comes to steel and timber products, due to sourcing and shipping constraints.  There are […]

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5 August 2021
What To Do When The Bank Valuation Is Lower Than Purchase Price

We’ve recently seen a significant rise in auctions rather than private treaties.  Unfortunately, too few people go into these auctions knowing the property’s actual value and end up being caught out by a bank valuation that’s lower than the purchase price.  It might sound like a nightmare scenario, but it happens.  So, what if you […]

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7 June 2021
Why You Need a Certified Practising Valuer & How to Choose One

Property valuations offer significant benefits when it comes to establishing a fair market value for your property.  A certified practising valuer can help you do exactly that by undertaking independent and impartial assessments to identify your property’s value.  But how does a certified practising valuer differ from property appraisers? And what qualification do property valuers […]

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1 June 2021
Online Property Valuation vs Independent Property Valuation - What's the Difference?

There are various types of property valuations that all play an essential part in real estate transactions.  But, what’s the difference between an online valuation and an independent valuation? An online valuation can be a helpful tool for the speed at which it's generated. But the question remains: how accurate is it? And how does […]

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19 May 2021
Bank Valuation vs Market Value - What's The Difference?

The bank valuation vs market value subject is often very confusing for property buyers.  Did you know that there are two different types of valuations that could determine the value of your property?  But what’s the difference? How can a property have two different values? Understanding the difference between a bank valuation and market valuation […]

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18 May 2021
The 4 Steps to Land Tax Objection

As a property owner, you have several rights when it comes to objecting to the land tax assessment provided by the Valuer-General of your State or Territory.  While land tax is an inevitable part of owning property, you shouldn’t end up paying tax on an inflated land valuation.  Did you know that you can object […]

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14 May 2021
The Property Buyer's Guide to the 2021 - 22 Federal Budget

Given the circumstances in which the Australian Government had to hand down the budget speech last year, there was a feeling of relief in the air when the 2021-22 Federal Budget was given on 11 May.  This year’s budget has shifted the budget from focusing on achieving a surplus to ensuring that the low to […]

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23 April 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Kerbside Valuations

Property valuations play an important part in the loan application process for your investment property. Especially kerbside valuations.  Why? Because property valuations can help you make the right financial decisions regarding buying, selling or renovating your investment property.  Are you needing to have your property valued for something but have no idea where to start […]

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22 April 2021
The Essential Retrospective Valuation Property Guide

If you’re selling your home or acquired property through inheritance, you’ll need to obtain a retrospective valuation property report.  Yet, so many property investors and property owners are unaware that you need to know the current value of your property and the value on the day you acquired it.  A retrospective property valuation provides an […]

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21 April 2021
The Ultimate Guide on Property Valuations

Property valuations are an essential part of the buying and selling process.  Whether you’re in the market to buy a property or whether you’re looking to sell your current home, having a broad idea of the property’s value will help you establish:  what you should be prepared to spend on the new property; or  how […]

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