Careers @ Duo Tax

At Duo Tax, we value individuality and new ideas. Here, your skills matter, especially when they're customer-focused. We provide the tools you need to do your best. Our leader is approachable and we believe in teamwork and getting things done efficiently.

Working with us.

Life at Duo Tax

We have a strong focus on company culture and we base ourselves on the following practises:

  1. Work Environment

    We maintain a professional, fast-paced, and detail-oriented work environment with a strong collaborative spirit.

  2. Team Collaboration

    Teamwork is our mantra. You'll partner closely with everyone, from the owner to colleagues, ensuring clients' needs are front and center.

  3. Client-Focused

    Client service is our priority. You'll work with a wide range of clients, from individuals to businesses, assisting them in achieving their property and construction objectives.

  4. Continual Learning

    Stay sharp with our ongoing training, adapting to industry trends and best practices.

  5. Work-Life Balance

    Even during peak times, we value balance. Our wellness programs support this commitment.

  6. Company Values

    We're grounded in ethics, driven by innovation, and dedicated to cultivating client relationships.

  7. Technology

    Embrace our tech-first approach, utilizing a suite of modern software and tools.

  8. Client Diversity

    Experience a wide range of financial and tax situations by working with clients from various industries and backgrounds.

Career Options

Everybody has a place at Duo Tax, and we often have vacancies in many roles and look for people with experience in areas such as:

The Hiring Process

The hiring process at Duo Tax is tailored to ensure a mutual fit. We'll evaluate your qualifications and skills while also gauging how well you align with our company values and culture. Here's what you can anticipate.

  1. Job ad is created

  2. Talent search

  3. Shortlist & HR screening

  4. Face-to-face interview with the director

  5. Reference check for successful candidates

  6. Unsuccessful candidates may be added to talent pool

  7. Employment offer sent

  8. Attend a team lunch

  9. Day 1 employment / onboarding process

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