Duo Tax Construction Cost Estimator Team

At Duo Tax, our cost estimator team can provide a full range of construction cost estimating for various building projects. 

Construction estimating is a valuable tool in the construction industry. There are various reports available to help you estimate the costs of: 

  • materials; 
  • contractors; and 
  • labour. 

Having these construction cost estimations on hand plays a significant role in shaping and sticking to the construction budget as well as the estimated timeline for the completion of the project. 

Regardless of the size of the project, having a construction cost estimator team on your side means that you can: 

  • effectively estimate costs; 
  • mitigate risks to the best of your ability; 
  • determine the overall success of the project prior to the build even starting. 

Through the power of cost estimation reports, our Duo Tax Construction Cost Estimator Team can help you save thousands of dollars on your next construction project.

How Can Our Construction Cost Estimator Team Help You

Section 94 Council Report

A Quantity Surveyor is required to estimate the construction cost  for the council to calculate the monetary development contribution levy.
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Elemental Cost Plan: Duo Tax Preliminary Cost Report

Our elemental cost plans provide a detailed cost analysis that takes into account all construction factors such as preliminary costs, construction costs overheads; and profit.
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Duo Tax Bank Reports: Initial Cost Report

The initial cost report is a detailed cost breakup of the project and identifies any risks associated with the proposed development before the building works commencing.
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Duo Tax Bank Reports: Progress Claim Construction Report

A progress claim report tracks how much has been paid to the builder while identifying how much funds yet to be released by the bank.
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Bill of Quantities: Duo Tax Detailed Cost Report

A detailed cost report (or bill of quantities) is a valuable tool for the construction process whether you’re undertaking a civil contract or a home renovation.
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Insurance Replacement Valuation Report

An Insurance Replacement Valuation is a report which assesses the accurate replacement cost of a building in an event that would cause any loss or damage to the property.
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Why Choose Duo Tax?

Not only are these cost estimator reports necessary to proceed with your construction project, but they are also an extremely valuable tool when it comes to the construction process.

At Duo Tax, our construction cost estimator team has a full system of cost estimating and cost planning.

As a team of Quantity Surveyors, we can also help the architect evaluate comparative costs for alternative systems of construction and finishes.

We can also advise on the total cost implications and methods of construction.

Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors can take the stress away and ensure that your cost estimation reports are delivered accurately and for a competitive fee. You will only pay what you owe, and not a cent more!

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