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Bill of Quantities: Duo Tax Detailed Cost Report

A detailed cost report (or bill of quantities) is a valuable tool for the construction process whether you’re undertaking a civil contract or a home renovation.
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A Bill of Quantities report, or a detailed cost report, is a document prepared by a Quantity Surveyor which contains all the items and the costs involved in a construction project.

At Duo Tax Construction Estimators, we can provide a full service of detailed cost reporting to help you identify every single unit and cost associated with building a particular property.

What Is A Bill of Quantities Report?

A professional, accurate and detailed bill of quantities report, otherwise known as an elemental cost report, can provide you with every item involved in the construction project, including: 

  • building materials; 
  • labour; and 
  • plant and equipment costs. 

Not to be confused with a construction cost estimation that estimates potential costs, a detailed cost report breaks down the project’s nominated specifications and is measured in far greater detail.

Having an accurately drafted bill of quantities report before the construction begins means that the project can run smoothly and as close to budget as possible.

How Do We Prepare Your Bill of Quantities?

Duo Tax’s detailed cost reporting services are presented in report form and are based on detailed measurement and pricing from the available project documentation such as: 

  • architectural drawings; and 
  • nominated project specifications.

We’ll then prepare a list of materials, equipment and labour requirements you’ll need to complete the project. 

Through our detailed cost analysis and bill of quantities report, you can achieve several benefits, including: 

  • having a clear understanding of the full extent of the work that needs to be completed and what it’s going to cost; 
  • assisting the parties in undertaking payment evaluations;
  • identifying when specific materials and equipment are needed at each stage of constructions; and 
  • managing the project’s cash flow with a lot more ease. 

We also assess construction risk contingencies, tenders, and any other items relevant to that project.

Why Choose Duo Tax?

A detailed cost report (or bill of quantities) is a valuable tool for the construction process, whether you’re undertaking a civil contract or a home renovation.

Because each bill of quantities document will vary depending on the type of project, you’ll need an expert construction cost estimator, who has in-depth knowledge of the construction process, such as a Quantity Surveyor, to help you navigate identifying accurate material and labour costs.

Having a Duo Tax expert estimator document every item involved in your construction project can be extremely useful in estimating a project’s price.

Apart from providing a detailed cost report (or bill of quantities), at Duo Tax, we have a full system of cost estimating and cost planning.

As a team of Quantity Surveyors, we can also help the architect evaluate comparative costs for alternative systems of construction and finishes.

We can also advise on the total cost implications and methods of construction.

Recent Projects

Below are some of our recent projects that had their construction loan successfully approved with the help of our Duo Tax cost reports. 

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