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Elemental Cost Plan: Duo Tax Preliminary Cost Report

Our elemental cost plans provide a detailed cost analysis that takes into account all construction factors such as preliminary costs, construction costs overheads; and profit.
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At Duo Tax Cost Consultants, we can provide a full service with elemental cost planning to assess the building cost’s feasibility for your upcoming construction project.

We provide a cost estimate and cost analysis of your potential expenditure so that you can achieve better value-for-money in both the design and build of your construction project.

Through elemental cost planning, Duo Tax can help you keep the project costs within the agreed budget.

What Is An Elemental Cost Plan?

A professional, accurate and detailed elemental cost plan can provide you with: 

  • an early indication of the cost of the project; 
  • a comparison tool that can be used to compare contractor tenders to provide a better overall cost plan; and 
  • provide a cost-saving plan for your project.

What Is In a Duo Tax Elemental Cost Plan?

Our elemental cost plans provide a detailed cost analysis that takes into account all construction factors, including: 

  • preliminary costs; 
  • construction costs; 
  • overheads; and 
  • profit

We also assess construction risk contingencies, tenders, and any other items relevant to that project.

Duo Tax cost planning and cost estimating services are presented in report form and are based on detailed measurement and pricing from the available project documentation.

Our reports highlight key quantities and areas with specific inclusions and exclusions, factoring in certain benchmark indicators, contingency and cost escalation provisions and assumptions.

How Do We Prepare Your Elemental Cost Plan?

We’ll start by preparing an initial elemental cost plan through a cost analysis of established data from a range of our previous projects. This way, we can provide an initial accurate cost estimate. 

The idea behind the Duo Tax Elemental Cost Plan is to provide you with an active tool (not just a spreadsheet of cost estimates) to manage cost planning and project costs through all stages of the project. 

Duo Tax Quantity Surveying Cost Consultants can help:

  • identify risks;
  • provide sustainable advice;
  • assist with the construction contract review process and assessments; and
  • follow up with cost management throughout the projects planning, development and construction

Through our detailed cost analysis and elemental cost planning, you can achieve several benefits, including: 

  • the preparation of detailed elemental cost plans based on architectural drawings;
  • budget and value accountability assessments based on the cost analysis of established data; and 
  • early identification of high-cost elements to allow you to plan adequately. 

Cost planning effectively helps achieve a realistic cost estimate from the contractor tender to the final order of cost. 

Our Duo Tax team of Quantity Surveyors will also continue monitoring your project to minimise the risk of overspending.

Apart from providing a full system of cost estimating and cost planning, as Quantity Surveyors, we can help the architect evaluate comparative costs for alternative systems of construction and finishes. 

We can also advise on the total cost implications and methods of construction.

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