Council Report - Section 94 / 7.11 Contribution

Section 94 requires developers to pay a levy, calculated based on the estimated construction cost of the development, to help fund the provision or improvement of public infrastructure.

Our Quantity Surveyors can provide a detailed construction cost estimate for your proposed development. This estimate is then used by the council to calculate the levy under Section 94/7.1

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What is a Section 94 Council Report?

A Section 94 Cost Summary Report (also known as a Section 7.11 Cost Summary Report in New South Wales) is a document that provides an estimate of the cost of a development project. 

This report is used to calculate the developer’s local infrastructure contributions levy (a percentage of the total development costs) that is required under Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The report typically includes a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the proposed construction project, including but not limited to:

  • Site acquisition and preparation costs
  • Construction costs
  • Professional fees
  • Contingency costs
  • Any other costs related to the development

The purpose of this report is to ensure that the developer contributes a fair and proportionate amount towards the provision of public amenities and services that will be impacted by the new development project in your local council area. 

When Do You Need to Obtain a Council Report? 

You must provide a Section 94 Report when applying for a Development Application (DA) or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). 

Your local council or planning authority will typically determine the requirement for a Section 94 Cost Summary Report, and it can depend on various factors, including the following:  

  • Nature and scale of the proposed development
  • Potential impact on local amenities and services
  • The specific policies and regulations of the local area

In some cases, there may be a cost threshold above which a Section 94 report is required. For example, if the estimated cost of the development exceeds a certain amount, a Section 94 report may be required. This threshold can vary depending on the local council or planning authority.

However, the requirement for a Section 94 report is not solely based on the cost of the development. Even relatively low-cost developments can have a significant impact on local amenities and services.

Developers should always check with their local council or planning authority to understand their specific obligations for Section 94 contributions. 

Our Section 94 Report Process

When the calculated cost estimate of the development is more than $100,000, the Section 94 Report must be completed by a person who is suitably qualified by the council (generally builders and architects). 

However, if the cost estimate of the new development is above $500,000, the council may request the provision of an independent Cost Summary Report certified and provided by a registered quantity surveyor.

Duo Tax quantity surveyors can prepare the Section 94 report in accordance with your council’s format and requirements. An accurate report can help you avoid paying higher contribution fees to the council than necessary or running the risk of undervaluing the contribution levy.

What is involved in producing a Section 94 Council Report?

Producing a Section 94 Council Report involves several key steps: 

  • Reviewing the Plans: The first step involves reviewing the plans that are to be submitted as part of the Development Application or the Complying Development Certificate application. Having this information is necessary to understand the scope and specifics of the proposed development.
  • Measuring the Gross Floor Areas: The Gross Floor Areas are measured in accordance with the Method of Measurement of Building Areas in the AIQS Cost Management Manual Volume 1, Appendix A2. This ensures that the cost estimate is based on accurate and standardised measurements.
  • Preparing a Cost Estimate: We will prepare a cost estimate (including GST) in accordance with relevant cost management manuals and in line with council regulations. 
  • Populating and signing the development contribution forms required by the council.
  • Preparing the Section 94 Report in accordance with your council’s format and requirements.

Why Choose Duo Tax Cost Estimators and Quantity Surveyors?

Duo Tax’s experts stand out as a top choice for cost estimating and quantity surveying due to our blend of expertise, efficiency, and customer service. As registered and certified members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), we bring a high level of professional standards and broad experience to every project.

We are committed to delivering accurate Section 94 Cost Summary Reports swiftly, typically within two business days, which helps keep your project on track. And our precision in cost estimation can lead to significant cost savings by ensuring you pay only what’s necessary in Section 94a contribution fees to the council.

Moreover, our cost estimator team is adept at preparing reports in accordance with specific council formats and requirements, ensuring smooth acceptance of your report. We offer these high-quality services at competitive fees, providing excellent value for money.

Above all, Duo Tax prioritises customer service, striving to make the process of obtaining a Section 94 report as stress-free as possible for our clients. 

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