Free Rental Property Depreciation Calculator

Duo Tax has designed a tax depreciation calculator to help property investors estimate what they could potentially claim on tax depreciation before committing to purchasing a tax depreciation schedule.

This is an accounting tool designed to help estimate and calculate the declining value of capital works and plant and equipment assets and relies on accurate figures to present accurate estimations.

Please note that this is only for indicative purposes and should not be used to claim on your tax return.

To get in touch to purchase a property depreciation report, get in touch with the team at Duo Tax to find out how we can help you.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Do the Depreciation Online Calculators Do?

The Rental Property Depreciation Calculator is designed to provide investors with first-year and second-year estimates of how much they can likely claim depreciation deductions on their residential or commercial investment property. This will give you a good gauge of whether purchasing a tax depreciation schedule is worthwhile.

Alternatively, you can contact us to get a free estimate of your depreciation amount and quote for your depreciation schedule.

How Do I Use the Depreciation Calculator To Calculate My Depreciation Amount?

The calculator will calculate the depreciation estimate based on a series of data points from our comprehensive database and compare this with similar properties to give you an approximate depreciation value for your investment property. 

The ATO prescribes two methods to calculate depreciation: 

  • the prime cost method; or 
  • the diminishing value method

The calculator uses both the diminishing value and prime cost method to give you a depreciation estimate per year. 

It’s important to understand that these are only estimates for both capital works assets and plant and equipment assets. So, the final claimable depreciation amount is subject to change.

Why Is It Useful To Use This Depreciation Calculator?
Investors can use the depreciation calculator for both pre-purchase or post-purchase situations.

Many investors don’t realise that depreciation is a significant claimable deduction on tax until after they’ve purchased it.

However, as investors become savvier or more informed, they also use this as a way to estimate savings they can make before committing to buying a property.
Is the Investment Property Depreciation Calculator Accurate?
The depreciation calculator should be used more as an indication as opposed to a final accurate figure.

However, we’ve strived to make this property tax depreciation calculator as accurate as possible according to the available data we have, based on the thousands of properties we’ve inspected.

We find that many investors use this for research purposes to find out the first year and second-year depreciation deductions and then contact us directly to get a more accurate estimate if they believe there are ample opportunities for tax depreciation claims.
Is There a Cost To Using the Depreciation Calculator?
Absolutely not. This online depreciation calculator is entirely free.
Can I Use the Estimated Depreciation Amount for My Annual Tax Return?
Unfortunately, no, you can’t claim these figures as depreciation deductions.

According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), your property must be surveyed and evaluated by a qualified quantity surveyor. While we try to keep the tax depreciation calculator as robust and comprehensive as possible, it does not replace a qualified quantity surveyor.
How Do I Know the Age of My Property?
This can be provided to you by your relevant local council.
Does the Calculator Estimate Partial Year Depreciation?
Not all properties are purchased at the start or end of the financial year to make for easy estimates, which means that your first year estimates may be slightly different to a real tax depreciation schedule’s figures.
What About Scrap Value Calculations?
Scrap value, otherwise known as residual value, is calculated differently and would require our team to provide you with a free estimated amount on how much depreciation you could potentially claim before your renovation or knockdown of the property.
Can I Order a Depreciation Schedule?

Yes, you can, below is what our tax depreciation schedules look like. 

We can also send you a sample tax depreciation schedule as well.

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