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As respected members of the Australian Property Institute and Certified Practising Valuers, our team takes pride in delivering a host of property valuation services characterised by accuracy, punctuality, and cost-effectiveness.

Why Rely on Duo Tax for Property Valuations in Perth?

What makes Duo Tax stand out among other companies in Perth’s property valuation industry? 

The answer lies in the unique attributes that define our approach to property valuations. Our professional team of valuers are not just experts who understand the intricacies of the local market; they’re actively engaged participants in it. 

With years of experience on the ground and an unparalleled grasp of Perth’s property landscape, our team goes beyond the conventional parameters of data and statistics. 

We delve into the less tangible aspects that contribute to a property’s value, delivering comprehensive and nuanced insights that inform your decisions.

Capital Gains Valuation

Property sales often trigger capital gains tax liabilities, which are calculated based on your property's value. Our expert team can provide you with an accurate valuation that helps determine your tax obligation, ensuring you're well-prepared when tax season comes around.
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Market Assessment Valuation

A keen understanding of your property's market value is essential, whether you're contemplating buying, selling, or investing. Our in-depth current market property valuation service provides a detailed analysis of your property's value in the context of the current market, empowering you with the knowledge needed to navigate these decisions confidently.
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Stamp Duty Valuation

The transfer of property ownership often attracts stamp duty, a tax calculated on the value of the property. We offer precise valuations to ensure you're aware of your stamp duty obligations from the outset.
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Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Property Valuation

As a buyer or a seller, a comprehensive property valuation report prior to a transaction is paramount. It offers you a clear perspective on the asset and can be instrumental in negotiating a fair deal.
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Retrospective Valuations

There may be instances where a valuation of a property as of a previous date is required. This could be for tax or legal purposes, or for a variety of other reasons. Our retrospective valuation service provides an accurate valuation anchored in historical data and market conditions.
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The Importance of Property Valuation in Perth

The significance of property valuation extends far beyond merely establishing a property’s worth. It plays a crucial role when buying or selling property, making astute investment decisions, computing insurance premiums, or preparing tax reports.

With the property market in Western Australia being as dynamic and fast-paced as it is, having an accurate, contemporary valuation serves as a crucial advantage.

It not only arms you with robust data but also provides a lens through which to view the market’s future potential, enhancing your property decision-making process.

Members of the Australian Property Institute and Certified Practising Valuers

The Duo Tax property valuer team are certified practising valuers and members of the API.
Australian Property Institute
Certified Practising Valuers

Navigating Property Valuation with Duo Tax

The property valuation process with Duo Tax is designed to be an enlightening journey rather than a burdensome task.

Our certified property valuer team for Perth starts by gathering granular information about your property, followed by a comprehensive on-site visit.

We then meticulously analyse the local property market, compare similar properties, and review specific features of your own. This rigorous process culminates in a comprehensive valuation report that offers a clear, detailed snapshot of your property’s value.

How can we help?

Get in touch with one of our friendly certified property valuers to discuss our valution advisory services and organise your next property valuation.

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