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As the highest Google and Facebook-rated quantity surveyor team in Gold Coast, QLD, we are tax depreciation experts and provide the most accurate and thorough 40-year tax depreciation schedules for your construction, residential or commercial investment property project.

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At Duo Tax, not only do our Gold Coast Quantity Surveyor project managers specialise in cost planning, contract administration and construction costs, they are also recognised by the ATO as one of the few expert professions qualified to compile an investment property tax depreciation schedule for both residential and commercial property investors.

As a property investor, maximising your tax depreciation deductions is vital. A depreciation report prepared by a Duo Tax member of our Gold Coast quantity surveying team will ensure that you’re getting the full tax benefits you’re entitled to!

Whether you’re located in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Redcliffe, Sunnybank, or regional Queensland, our Gold Coast Quantity Surveyors have your Queensland properties covered.

What is Property Tax Depreciation?

As a building gets older, its structure and the assets within the building are subject to general wear and tear. In other words, each year, the value decreases and thus, depreciates. When it comes to your investment property, these items are classified as either Plant and Equipment assets or Capital Works assets.

The ATO allows property investors, who generate income from their investment property, to claim the property depreciation as a tax deduction.

Division 43 Deductions refer to the depreciation of the structure of the building. The structure of a residential and commercial building generally has an effective life of 40 years. In other words, you can claim the decrease in its value for a deduction for 40 years, provided that you’re generating an income from the property.

You can claim a capital works deduction on construction costs too.

The term “plant and equipment” refers to the fixtures and fittings that are found within the building and are generally easily detachable from the property.

The rate at which plant and equipment fixtures depreciate depends on the ATO’s Asset Effective Life Schedule, which gives guidance on how many years an asset is effective before it’s worn out. The ATO recognises more than 6,000 different assets that investors can claim tax deductions on.

For example, a carpet, which is subject to a fair amount of wear and tear, has an effective life of eight years.

Claiming tax depreciation on investment properties involves identifying its value, its estimate construction costs, and its fittings and fixtures. A tax depreciation schedule is a comprehensive report that details the tax depreciation deductions you can claim on your investment property to pay less tax.

The tax depreciation schedule document is typically prepared by a professional quantity surveyor, who will inspect your investment property and assign a value to each asset.

Why Choose Duo Tax - Gold Coast Quantity Surveyors for your Property?

Each Duo Tax - Gold Coast Quantity Surveyors is a registered tax agent to provide depreciation services for your construction, residential building or commercial investment property project.

We offer expertise in QLD by assessing tax depreciation deductions for investment properties that are new, old, renovated, completely refurbished or for commercial fit-outs.

We have experience in depreciation schedules for all building types, including construction, residential and commercial projects.

All of our reports are ATO compliant and we’re an affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) – the nationally recognised professional body for Melbourne quantity surveying.

Our free online rental property depreciation calculator will give you an accurate assessment of your project and its cost, potential savings and cash return.


A single schedule provides 40 years of claim or the maximum entitled years. You’re guaranteed at least double our fee in depreciation in the first full financial year. We’ll even retrospectively help you claim on previous years you missed out on.


We’re Australia’s most reviewed and highest-rated Quantity Surveyors on Google and Facebook. Our Quantity Surveyors have served thousands of happy property investors. We’re registered tax depreciation specialists with the ATO and AIQS.


With over 30 combined years of experience and a nationwide presence, our Duo Tax process focuses on the most aggressive form of tax depreciation, which means more cash in your pocket.


We offer free immediate and accurate over the phone estimates so that you can decide if it’s worthwhile. We guarantee that you’ll receive your tax depreciation schedule within 10 business days from payment – the fastest in the industry.

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Approved by the ATO and the choice FOR thousands of accountants and advisors Australia-wide
Complete 40-year diminishing and prime-cost depreciation schedules
Includes capital loss schedule to reduce your capital gains tax
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